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Every component has been engineered to create a product that provides a superior bathroom cleaning experience. TubTool is a multi-purpose tool for efficient and effective bathroom cleaning. TubTool is assembled in the United States. 

Each purchase includes one TubTool unit with one microfiber headcover

Key Product Features

  • The cleaning head is strategically sized and shaped to clean with efficiency
  • The semi-pointed end reaches corners easily while the optimal surface area captures dirt and grime
  • The sturdy swivel joint enables smooth maneuverability around the tub, shower and stool base
  • Perforated base allow water to be easily absorbed and discharged for efficient cleaning


  • Channeled fabric improves capture of hair and other particles
  • A cellulose sponge is sewn inside the fabric; the sponge dries hard to minimize bacteria growth
  • The head cover can be removed and placed on your hand for cleaning the sink, faucets and countertops
  • Elastic thumb loops keep the cover in place on your hand for firm control

Handle and Grips

  • Sturdy shaft designed to reduce lower back stress
  • The premium, non-slip, cushioned grips are attached to the light-weight aluminum pole adding safety and comfort
  • Hook-end can be used for hanging in a closet, or on a cleaning cart for convenient storage