TubTool is a cleaning device that uses removable, washable, and reusable cleaning headcovers. TubTool is sturdy, easy to operate, convenient to store, and effective throughout your home. It features a removable headcover with thumb holders to serve as a wearable glove for detailing virtually any hard surface and alternative headcovers for various housekeeping jobs.

Damp surfaces and warm temperatures in bathrooms provide ample breeding grounds for bacteria. Slippery surfaces, sharp corners, and hard-to-reach places compound the difficulties of cleaning a bathroom. Traditional cleaning methods are labor intensive—usually involving an individual on their hands and knees with a soap bucket and a sponge—manually scrubbing showers, bathtubs, sinks, and showers.

TubTool was created with the user in mind and designed to improve the difficult task of cleaning the bathroom while providing a reusable cleaning device that is accessible and environmentally friendly.


Use the alternative dust mop headcover to clean floors, vents and baseboards easily.  The TubTool's firm head makes this task easy. Shake the TubTool outdoors and continue cleaning.  Floors are a breeze to clean with the dust mop headcover.


There is no room for bulky mops, buckets, brooms or dusters in small spaces! Declutter your closet and your mind with the easy-to-store TubTool. One extension Tubtool with multiple headcovers for different jobs hangs easily in a small closet or in a cabinet.  Simplify your life!


Headcovers are washable and reusable over and over again. Use less harmful chemicals with superior cleaning fabrics. You don't need all those plastic bottles and sprays. Save money, space, and the planet.


Let's face it.  Cleaning tubs and showers are hard on your knees and back. Cleaning vents and baseboards can be painful. Tubtool's extension pole and firm swivel head simplify the task by reducing bending, stretching, and squatting. You might even enjoy cleaning now!  Save money, space, the planet, time, and your back!

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