Extension Tubtool

Extension Tubtool

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Tubtool with an extension pole can clean deep tubs, tall showers, around the toilet base, and floors easily.  Use the dust mop headcover for your floors vents, baseboards. Use Tubtool everywhere in your home, RV, boat, or airB&B.  If you have pets, grab your Tubtool and quickly clean a floor, rinse the headcover in the sink and repeat, then toss the headcover in the laundry.  No need for buckets or bulky mops. The Tubtool pole collapses to easily fit under a sink or in a closet. Avoid using environmentally damaging products! Use the headcover without the pole to clean sinks, counters, faucets and other surfaces. Tubtool is practical, washable and reusable, over and over again.  It's all you need. Clean smarter! 

Consider purchasing alternative baseboard/vent cleaning headcover or the Scrubber cover for touch jobs.

For larger floor areas consider a Strainer Bucket option.