Duster Tubtool for vents, baseboards and floors
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Duster Tubtool for vents, baseboards and floors

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Duster Tubtool is a handy duster mop for your baseboards, vents and floors.  It's smaller, lightweight design makes cleaning simple and storage easy.  The extension pole adjusts to your height for easy reach reducing bending, reaching and squatting.  It collapses for easy storage in small spaces.  To clean it, simply shake it outside after use or place in a laundry bag and wash.  Do not use bleach or softeners. 

Washable, reusable.  Save the earth and your back! Clean Smarter.

Perfect for: Pet owners, small spaces, RV's, motorhomes, boats

Consider purchasing alternative headcovers: SCRUBBER for tough jobs and WET MOP for floors, tubs and showers.  Wet Mop Bucket Strainer for big jobs.